Ideal Matching Profile might look like this:

  • Experience in managing print production operations (ideally within a digital and/or print management background)
  • Pro-active, driven and always seeking for improvement on efficiencies for both the client and business
  • Supply Chain Management – Print, machinery, consumables
  • Passionate about environment and eco marketing materials
  • Strong people skills for bothsenior partner contacts and suppliers etc.

About the Company:

This company occupies a prominent position in the national Marketing Materials & Campaign sector. Their core competency lies in delivering holistic support to both national and local brands spanning various industries. They offer a comprehensive suite of services, including 360-degree marketing, branded merchandise, printing, point-of-sale (POS), and marketing materials. What distinguishes this organisation is its capacity for on-site manufacturing in conjunction with extensive print procurement services.

Furthermore, the company actively fosters transparency and open communication, affording all team members the opportunity to contribute, refine, take initiative, and make a substantial impact through their innovative ideas. You will have a hand in

About the Job:

The Head of Print Operations will assume the responsibility of formulating and spearheading the operational strategy for the Print Division. This multifaceted role encompasses technology advancement, the execution of sales strategies, product development, go-to-market initiatives, and collaborative efforts with partner functions, all of which align with the Print Division’s established objectives.

Your remit will extend to ensuring the seamless orchestration of print production, spanning from the factory floor to customer-facing activities. This entails supervising customer service and leveraging technology solutions to optimize operational efficiency. Additionally, you will oversee supply chain management, encompassing the vigilant monitoring of supply chain economics, product enhancements, contract compliance, and related aspects. Your role will also encompass the management of external relationships with clients, vendors, and service providers.

Furthermore, you will collaborate closely with departmental heads to stay abreast of market dynamics, business advancements, overall corporate performance, and fine-tune operational processes to align with expectations and market conditions.


This compelling opportunity for the position of Head of Print Operations Manager presents a dynamic array of responsibilities spanning production management, client services, and creative services. It is worth noting that the company has successfully attracted substantial investments and is on the cusp of evolving its facility into a center of excellence for all UK operations. This role offers a distinct prospect to assume a pivotal role in shaping the company’s future performance and leaving an enduring legacy.

Furthermore, given the substantial growth within the firm’s client portfolio, there is a heightened demand for additional support. This, in turn, translates into an opportunity where your contributions can yield a significant impact from day one. It is important to note that while this role initially spans 9 to 12 months, the company’s expansion trajectory implies the possibility of longer-term opportunities.