Does your job meet your career plan?

A job is meant to provide you with much more than just money…

Our highly recommended ‘Rate My Job’ tool is free and easy to use. It has been designed to assess your present circumstances against the key elements known to make up the perfect, career minded job.

In just 30 seconds, by answering a range of simple questions, you will find out if you’re benefiting from all the essentials needed to be truly happy at work: Personal Development, Management, Role Duties, Professional Environment and finally Salary & Package.

  • Realise why you go to work
  • Understand what’s important to you in a job
  • Confirm that you made the right choice by joining your new employer
  • Negotiate better opportunities at your next review
  • Get the push you needed to find a new job
  • Know what to ask and explore at future interviews

It so easy, try it out now!

 The ASG Rate My Job Tool

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