Practical points:

· Title: Project Production Specialist

– Expertise background in Retail Displays and/or Large Format Print

· Location & Flexibility: Onsite – Surrey

· Type of Contract: full-time – Permanent

· Level Guideline: based on experience but open guideline: £30 000 to £40000 + Bonus


Ideal Matching Profile might look like this:

· Account / Project Manager / Print Production

· Technical expertise in: POS, Display or Print

· A strong project manager with skills in production

· Connection with retail, fashion, sports brands is ideal but not required

· Passionate about environment and eco marketing materials

· Ideally you will have experience with 3d tools (wood, metal and acrylic production)

About the Company:

This organisation distinguishes itself as an innovative provider of retail solutions, specifically catering to retail displays. Its core expertise lies in furnishing comprehensive support to global brands through a seamless, end-to-end service model addressing their in-store marketing requisites. These requisites encompass diverse aspects such as Window Displays, Semi/Permanent Point of Sale (POS) materials, Large Format Printing, and Vinyl applications, among others.

In its current trajectory, the company is experiencing substantial growth, prompting the need for expansion within its project team. A hallmark of this enterprise is its company culture, characterized by a proactive and analytical approach. The organizational ethos emphasizes inclusivity, encouraging participation and contributions from all strata of the workforce. Every individual, irrespective of hierarchy, is provided the platform to voice their perspectives and ideas, ultimately fostering an environment conducive to refinement, innovation, and meaningful impact.

About the Job:

The available position pertains to the role of a Print Production Specialist encompassing the vital responsibility of overseeing the comprehensive lifecycle of retail campaign projects. This remit spans from the initial production brief to the ultimate in-store delivery. Central to this role is the seamless collaboration with internal stakeholders and external partners, necessitating a harmonious orchestration to ensure timely execution, adherence to budgetary constraints, and attainment of the requisite quality and service benchmarks.

Intrinsic to success in this role is a robust comprehension of manufacturing processes, underpinned by a proficient grasp of design principles. The fusion of these competencies underscores the capacity to navigate the intricate dynamics of project implementation within this specialized domain.

Applicants possessing backgrounds drawn from a variety of spheres can offer distinct value, with a synergy of these backgrounds amplifying the potential contribution. The culmination of experience in creative engineering, retail windows and event zones, event management, global toolkits, proficiency in 2D and 3D design, adeptness in digital content creation, prop design acumen, and proficiency in print, manufacturing, and installation processes would constitute an ideal foundation for this role.


Looking for a role that’s not only exciting today, but also offers a bright future? Look no further! Our expanding company has a specialist role that’s perfect for someone who’s eager to take on new challenges and make a real impact. As a Print Production Specialist you’ll have the opportunity to lead exciting projects and work with some of the world’s largest Retail brands. Our projects prioritise technology and the environment, so you can be sure that you’ll be working on cutting-edge initiatives that have a positive impact on the world.

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