• Title: Senior Project Manager / Team Leader – Retail , Fashion & Sports
  • Location & Flexibility: Bavaria (Nuremberg maybe preferred but flexible )
  • Type of Contract: Permanent German contract
  • Level guideline: 60 000 – 70 000 Euros / annum

Ideal Matching Profile might look like this:

  • Senior Project Manager / team leadership profile
  • Expertise in: Studio, POS, Retail, VM, Print, creative solutions, Fixtures and Fittings , Displays etc
  • Links with Fashion, Apparel, Retail, Sportswear etc all a plus
  • A strong project leader and organised admin profile
  • English and German language important
  • Passionate about environment and eco marketing materials
  • International, analytical , creative and organised people will be happy / home here

About the Company:

This company is an international player within the Retail Marketing sector. They specialise in supporting global Retail, Fashion, Apparel, Sports and associated brands across many sectors with various Marketing Material, studio / creative solutions, VM, Windows, POS, Display and other associated services and solutions: mainly marketing logistic services like marketing material production, marketing material procurement, purchasing and sourcing of marketing materials etc. This firm has a company culture where they encourage everyone at every level to be hands-on and analytical where they like everyone at every level to be seen and heard and have a chance to fine-tune things. This company invest a lot in research to stay ahead of the field when it comes to cutting edge technological processes and solutions and their passion for the bio-degradable materials.

About the Job:

The role is: a Senior Project Manager / team leader. The role is there as the firm are expanding across the DACH and wider Central European region and have some key Retail partners here. These are mainly global Fashion, apparel, Sports and Retail partners with (complex and creative) POS, Retail, VM, Print, studio, creative solutions, Windows, Fixtures and Fittings, Displays. Someone who knows how to manage strategical key account relations, senior contacts and run large scale creative projects, teams, productions and suppliers (both in terms of adding value and cost-saving). Someone who is good with people to manage senior contacts and highly organised to stay on top of complex admin (but of creative projects )will feel most at home. This role will be on the front line but lead others simultaneously making a hands-on leader ideal. You will manage a small but strong international team in this role.


The role is extremely flexible. If the person wants to work in an office, that is not an issue too as this firm have multiple sites across all of the DACH region. The role will be linked to huge international and prestigious retail and fashion accounts leading to exposure to some of the most exciting projects and campaigns in the industry worldwide. This role will focus on costings but mainly on value addition, creative concepts and solutions, LCA, bio-degradable materials, carbon neutrality – it’s great and fun to be part of an ethical forward-thinking firm. The role also offers a lot of chances to shine at the DACH AND in the wider European/EMEA and worldwide levels. You will also manage you own small but strong international team that you have in support for the initiatives you wish to take.

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