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The Creative Services Team know their stuff!

To catch a Designer you have to think like one which means abstract, innovative thought and more coffee than you can shake a portfolio at. Luckily these traits come naturally to our like minded, caffeine fuelled Creative Services recruiters who are nearly as obsessively passionate as the clients and candidates they work with!

Working together with marketing agencies, creative studios and marketing departments all over the world, ASG is perfectly positioned to secure the services of super talented Designers, Artworkers, Copy Writers, Studio Managers and Creative Directors  of all types and backgrounds.

As every Creative Hiring Manager knows, CV skills are rarely enough to make a decent selection and so, interpreting design portfolios and asking the right questions to figure out the good from the bad is the key to success. The ASG Creative Services gang have honed this difficult skill to a fine art over many years of success having integrated a fluid and constantly evolving recruitment process that rigidly segments candidates to identify their key qualities.

With every assignment, permanent or freelance, the team’s goal is to present a well researched, qualified and highly accurate shortlist without any of the time wasting nonsense to give all parties a stress free road to success.

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Some testimonials:

 I was very glad when ASG reached out to me for recruitment in Istanbul. They helped me with every question I had and were always there for feedback with the information I needed. Going through job interviews can be exciting but also also stressful; with ASG I never felt the stress. I consider myself lucky to have met and worked with ASG and I’m very happy in my new job!

Senior Visual Designer

I really enjoy working with ASG on our Designer recruitment. They learn from all their previous experience with us, are happy to push ahead with a general idea of our needs and are flexible and patient when the business changes the salary or other aspects of the vacancy part way through. They do a great job of keeping in touch with the candidates and when the right vacancy comes up they are efficient and quick in getting their offers accepted and sorted. They are always helpful, positive, friendly and fun to deal with.

HR & Recruitment Manager

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