Posted 15 December 2015 | 0 Comments

An update for all of the wonderful job seekers who visit our site:

As you know, The ASG blog is here to provide advice, entertainment, news and other such random musings as we see fit. Although not always the case, many of our posts are written for the benefit of people on the hunt for new jobs. (like Writing a Kick Ass Cover Letter or Questions to Ask at Your Job Interview)

Regular users of the site will know that, on top of our monthly blogs, we have dedicated employer and job seeker portals which include all kinds of advice and useful information. To enhance the majesty of the Job Seekers Portal (and to ensure you never miss out on our incredibly wise offerings) we have created a collection of past blogs which can be found on the brand new page, Blog Posts for Job Seekers!

The page will be updated as new content is added but do continue to visit the blog itself as there’s plenty of interesting stuff to see.


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