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Everybody – at some point or another – feels a bit stressed at work. Whether that workload just keeps piling up or you’re worried about a potential setback, we pretty much just have to expect some stress as a part of life.
But how do you cope when the stressful times seem to outweigh the good bits? Well, we’ve got a few handy tips to help keep a demanding work life from getting on top of you!

Ask “Does it really matter?”

So you’ve just been given some bad news or made a silly mistake. Oh no, everything is horrible and the world is completely over, right? Well, no. Any problem probably does feel like the worst thing in the world at that moment. However, it’s important to get some perspective on any bad issue, and you can do that by asking yourself one little question: “Will this even matter in a month/six months/a year?”

Any negative effects probably aren’t as bad as you think in the wider scheme of things. Even if the situation is absolutely catastrophically bad, remember that it won’t last forever; things will move on and this setback will simply become a future life lesson.

Accept nobody’s perfect

As amazing as we like to think we are, we each have our own flaws. Unfortunately, we tend to notice them more in other people than in ourselves! Perhaps someone in your office has an annoying habit or a tendency to forget messages. Either way, sometimes others can completely rub us up the wrong way without even meaning to.

Rather than get stressed out over other people’s shortcomings, take a moment to step back and remember: “they’re only human, and they’re probably just trying their best as much as you are.” And don’t forget, maybe they get annoyed by one of your weird habits too!

Know when to switch off

Taking your work home with you can be an absolute nightmare. Sometimes it’s necessary if you need to be contactable around the clock, but other times it can simply be a mental drain if you’re worried about a certain outcome. Either way, you need to remember that your job isn’t all you are. You’re a fun-loving human being and you need to enjoy your home life as well.

Try to set boundaries to stop thoughts about work – or even doing extra work – seeping into your free time. By making that distinction clear in your mind, you’ll feel calmer and keep those unnecessary stress levels at bay.

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