About Holly Delaney

A bit about me:

A prolific user of social media, passionate writer and lover of all things digital. I have been lead to believe that I was found under a pool table.

What I bring to ASG:

Style, humour, incredible good looks, modesty, a love of social media marketing and finding new ways to get our name out there!

My favourite dinosaur is…

Velociraptor! (“Clever girl”)

Post Jurassic World Update: Well hello there Raptor Squad. I knew I made the right choice!

The best advice I ever had:

“If you can be proud of what you’re doing, you’re doing something right.”

I couldn’t live without…

My family, our dog, twitter and the pub!

My guilty pleasure is…

Reading cheesy romantic novels, watching romcoms and devouring box sets like they’re going out of fashion – I should probably find a more productive use of my downtime but… Game of Thrones.

Favourite film:

If I had to pick, I’d say Full Metal Jacket, Platoon or The Notebook!

The best book I ever read was…

The Very Hungry Caterpillar, beautiful. I really understood and identified with his plight.

My greatest achievement:

Surviving every day as the clumsiest person who ever lived!!

The best song ever written:

Romeo & Juliet, Dire Straits.

My ideal car would be…

Porsche 911 or a Bugatti Veyron. (a driving licence may be helpful first!)

When I’m not working, I…

Read books, write blogs, watch as many movies and sports as I can manage and continue my exemplary work in the search for an effective hangover cure.

The world would be better without…

Shark teeth. – I couldn’t wish for sharks to disappear, they are too cool for that, but without teeth they wouldn’t haunt my dreams… as much.

Football team:

Liverpool FC