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“Why are people so annoying!?” This pained cry screams in every mind at some point in every office. But why is it that your colleagues, even the ones you truly love, can make you so crazy with their irritating habits?

It’s a universal truth in every workplace, family unit and friendship group; when you spend a lot of time with someone, they can really get on your nerves! 

It’s quite funny when it’s not happening to you though and that’s why we’ve made a list of the top 20 annoying things that every office worker can relate to. If they haven’t happened to you, you might just be the luckiest person alive! (or maybe, just maybe it’s you…)

  1. Tea bags in the sink / on the work surface / on the ceiling / ANYWHERE THAT ISN’T THE BIN!
  2. A colleague asking if you’re busy and talking to you anyway even when you are busier than anyone has ever been.
  3. Gross things left in drawers after someone leaves. *shudder*
  4. Stinky food!
  5. Jacket potatoes (or anything that takes ages) in the microwave at lunchtime. “No, that’s OK Sharon. I was planning on eating my soup ice cold. Gazpacho!”
  6. Poor personal hygiene and emitting unwelcome gas – It’s not OK to do that in the office. Ever.
  7. Passive aggressive group emails that aren’t directed at anyone in particular. (but definitely are)
  8. People who reply to all when they really only needed to reply to one.
  9. Using someone else’s stuff without asking – mugs, pens, umbrella’s, houses, partners, identities etc.
  10. Borrowing money and not paying it back.
  11. Pinching food from the office fridge. (it doesn’t need a label if you know it isn’t yours!)
  12. Disrupting important conversations with irrelevant topics. (World peace was almost reached in 1996 before someone interrupted a meeting and told John Major that Take That had broken up. True story.)
  13. Not saying anything when something get’s broken. “Oh the photocopier is jammed? My name is on the crumpled paper you pulled out? No idea how that could have happened…”
  14. Over the top / inappropriate flirting – Uncomfortable for everyone!
  15. Old food left to rot in the fridge. Nasty.
  16. People who come in when they are way too sick and make everyone else ill. It’s not brave, it’s germ warfare.
  17. Reading emails over people’s shoulders.
  18. Mobile phones that aren’t on silent.
  19. Air con wars!!!
  20. Stig of the desk – they’ve got crisp packets, sweet wrappers, days old drinks and small mammals. “Why is your desk alive!?”

So that’s our list. If you’re getting irritated at work, try not to fret and keep in mind that everyone can be a bit annoying sometimes – even you! If you make an effort not to do these things and keep in mind that the people who bug you don’t do it on purpose, you will be alright.

Don’t hate your colleagues for getting on your nerves. Just laugh it off and send a passive aggressive email. Oh wait…

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