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There is no use denying it; for the average worker, Mondays suck!

There’s usually at least one painful situation (or a series) that leads you to wonder whether hell is nothing but an everlasting Monday. Well, we say “NO MORE!”

No more will we desperately slap the snooze button in a fit of rage. No more will we plot the demise of anyone possessing even a hint of a smile on the commute. No more will we scour the internet for that elusive, well paid “Bed Tester” role. It’s time to love every day like it’s a Friday!

Here’s how we do it:

1. Prep on a Friday

It’s a simple enough approach, but so easy to forget or ignore. Before leaving on a Friday, take 20 minutes to plan your Monday timetable, set up any work you know will need to doing and just like that you’ve reduced your Monday stress!

NOTE: Pre planning stops that niggling feeling from creeping up on a Sunday evening. – You know the one, the thoughts that start as a casual “Oh, the weekend is nearly over” and gradually morph into pure panic that screams “I’m not ready! Why am I not ready!?”

2. Arrange a catch-up with your favourite client

It’s not always possible, but if you know you’re going to want to call or see a client who makes you smile then set that meeting for a Monday. It’s something to look forward to and the boost will help you both.

3. Pack a special lunch

Silly things like a super delicious lunch or afternoon treat (ALL THE CHOCOLATE IN THE WORLD) will make even the most hardened Monday hater smile. The smallest indulgence can brighten your day. – Especially when the only real reason for being unhappy is the feeling that we ‘should’ dislike the first day of the working week.

4. Get some sleep!

It’s a no-brainer really. If you’re overtired, you aren’t going to be happy getting up and will miss the spark a good night’s sleep can provide. – A rule we try (and often fail) to live by is avoiding an overly long lie-in on a Sunday. It feels so nice at the time to snooze the morning away but you will regret it once you get into triple figures counting sheep later.

5. Show up early

We know, getting out of bed even earlier than usual sounds counterproductive for your Monday happiness mission and more than just a little bit awful. But wait! There is method to this madness. Your employer probably won’t appreciate you taking the first 15 minutes of your working day to chill out and adjust your brain to work mode, but if you get in early you can spend the time however you like; make a cup of tea, chat to your colleagues, check out the news online or even just sit quietly and mentally prepare for the day ahead. You will be surprised how much this affects your mood.

NOTE: We’d actually suggest you do this every day if you can. It really sorts your head out!


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