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Nominate ASG International today!

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It’s nomination time for the 13th Annual National Online Recruitment Awards!

This year, we’ve launched our new website and we are seriously proud of it. We’re asking you to step forward and nominate ASG International for the chance to receive a prestigious NORA award.

So why should you nominate us?

ASG International has evolved so rapidly since we began in 2002 that the business is barely recognisable from where we were back then. Regular visitors will be able to see the drastic change from the overly corporate, out-dated site we were rocking. The site was a real headache for us; a brand image that no longer tied in with the ASG of today.

We are a leading International force in Marketing, Creative Services, IT, Print & Packaging Recruitment and the design of our site had to reflect this. We wanted to showcase our services, values, culture and  most of all our personalities. We think the look, feel and content have come together to do all that and we couldn’t be happier. (unless we had a shiny, new award…)

“I love the new website. It’s fresh and up to date with the latest design trends. Knowing ASG International, it really showcases the personality of the company. The best thing about the website is that it completely understands the candidates and potential clients ASG deal with by including a cool gimmick to enable the user to ‘hide’ the website – quality!” Jade Warrington – Creative Managing Director, Rare Breed Digital

A major influence for our design choices was our own sense of fun. The old site was stuffy and dull. It just wasn’t us! We wanted to ensure that the site would of course be functional, responsive and informative, but also enjoyable to use, full of interesting information and our thoughts on the latest industry news. We’ve worked really hard to get the site to where it is now and we hope you will agree that it is awesome!

There are two categories which we’d be really excited to get the chance to compete in and we are asking YOU to nominate ASG International today.

We hope you love our site as much as we do. Entries close 12th September 2014 so there is no time to lose, click on the image below to nominate !!



 Thank you!


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