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Job interviews are usually something to be taken seriously but, when done right, interviews from movies and TV make for hilarious viewing. For your entertainment, we’ve put together a countdown of our top ten absolute favourite on screen job interviews.

Does your favourite make the list? Find out below…

 10. For seriously uncomfortable viewing, take a look at David Brent from The Office offering quite possibly the worst interview in the history of Slough-based paper companies.

9. There are plenty of great job interviews in Friends, from Rachel’s Gucci nightmare to Monica’s inappropriate restaurant manager, but the place in our list has to go to Chandler for almost making it out without breaking…

8. In Stepbrothers, Brennan and Dale dressed extremely sharp but may have lost their edge by interviewing together… and that wasn’t all that went wrong!

NSFW Warning: You will hear some bad language from the Stepbrothers in this clip!

7. New Girl’s Jess didn’t exactly nail her interview. Pretty sure the behaviour in this scene was blamed on hormones (the episode is called ‘Menzies’) but to be fair… puppy in a cup! *sobs*

6. In a classic Simpsons flashback, we see Homer not exactly acing his interview at the Power Plant. You’d have to watch the whole episode to find out how he ever got that job!

5. The short-lived Peter Serafinowicz Show produced an excellent sketch for their Christmas special about job interviews. Will you pass the test..?

4. Family Guy’s Lois Griffin shows how determination and knowledge of your chosen sector are unbeatable tools when it comes to an interview…

3. The Armstrong and Miller show explored the origins of job interviews in one their excellent sketches. We love the CV!

2. Inspired by… well the first rule is not to talk about it… Pepsi showed that sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. (if who you know is a particularly brave/mad individual)

1. It’s the end of our countdown and number one has got to be, could only ever be, the great Monty Python! This one can’t be explained, just make sure you’re ready… FIVE, FOUR, THREE, TWO, ONE, ZERO!!!

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